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- A Word from Travis -


May 21, 2024

Right at 200 walked across the scale yesterday. Cows sold steady to higher on a very active day, mostly 117 to 138 few toppers over 140. We had probably the best bulls so far this year 140 to 160 caught the big guys. We did sell a few pairs and they brought $2750 to $3100 per head. Just a really nice day for marketing cattle. No sale next Monday, kick off holiday for summer, happy Memorial day. I hope you all get a chance to slow down for a day and enjoy your family and friends. Merry Marketing and God bless.


March 11, 2024

Good Morning cattle country, we have had some pretty awesome prices on these weigh cows and bulls. Next sale will be April 15. Then follow that with Milk River Angus Bull sale on Wednesday April 17, great bulls, better people. Feeder special on April 22, already consigned 75 blk replacement hfrs 775#. We will follow the sale with the MSGA producer profitability meeting at 5 pm. Then on April 29th we will have a regular cattle sale along with the Klingaman and Bowles J5 red angus bull sale. Possible select group of pairs will be at this sale. We will keep you posted with developments. Thanks for everything, we look forward to going to work for you. God Bless and merry marketing.


March 19, 2024

What a cattle market, the optimism surprises me every week. First off the cow market was crazy good again. Topped the cows at 126, high dollar cow for the day 1500 lbs at 123, $1,845 hd lots of cows 110 to 120.

Bred cows:

Summer calving cows $2000.

Fall calving cows $1710.

May/June up to $2375.

Feeder market was good again. High lights of the day:

650 lbs hfrs 276 1794 per hd

600 lbs strs 307 1842 per hd

781 lbs strs 248 1936 per hd

400 lbs strs 381 1524 per hd

Just a really good market. Now go get ready for the snow. We are proud of all of you. Its great to see all of your smiling faces at the sale, thanks for your business. Merry marketing and God Bless.


March 5, 2024


Getting it done at Bear Paw. 90 cows steady to higher, 93 to 118. Young cows up to 160. One nice group of 3 to 5 yr olds brought 139.

Clear Creek Angus Bull Sale.

53 blk angus bulls $7,991

13 Hereford bulls $8,965

38 hfrs 2142.

Really outstanding cattle market. Crazy good. Next Black angus bull sale will be in April, and a Red Angus sale the end of April. Regular cattle sale next Monday. Feeder Special Monday the 18.

Thank you all for your continued support of the cattle Industry right here in Blaine County.

One thing to mark on your calendars and plan on being apart of the is the MSGA producer profitability listening session Monday April 22, Bear Paw Livestock, Chinook MT.


February 27, 2024

Nice little sale Monday, Active cow market I would call it steady with higher highs. Cows up to 114. Mostly 92 to 104 with cows on either side of that. Bulls 105 to 118. Calf market was good with lots of participation in the seats and on the web. 280 calves 6 buyers in the seats 6 buyers participating over LMA auctions. All calves stayed local within 200 miles. 560 strs 324. 600 lbs hfrs 279. 632 lbs bulls 284. 480 lbs hfrs 302.

Remember Clear Creek Angus Bull sale next Monday. No regular sale. Bulls will be in over the weekend if you want to come down and look around. Can't make it to the sale, buy from the comfort of your easy chair over DVauction. Or you can call anyone on the Clear Creek Angus team to help you secure a bull for the upcoming breeding season.

Thanks for all of your business and friendships. Words are not enough to extend are gratitude for all of your prayers, calls, letters and the meals. Jenny is back in at the clerk position. Ashley is still on the mend in SD.

Thanks for your business, merry marketing and God Bless.


February 20, 2024

Another nice Monday Sale. Low inventory, higher markets. Mostly weighups yesterday, traded 92 to 106. Young cows up to 150. Bulls up to 116. Next sale will be on Feb 26, we have a feeder special in the making. As of press time almost 200 grass type calves consigned. A few breds might also show up so stayed tuned for more info.

Remember no Regular sale on March 4. Don't worry you can still make your way to Chinook and enjoy a nice lunch and a cattle sale, we will host Clear Creek Angus Annual bull sale. Selling will be 60 Black Angus bulls, 15 Hereford Bulls, 40 hd of bwf replacement hfrs. Teddy and Sarah along with Don and Dolly always bring a super set of bulls to town.

Stepping away from the cattle biz for a moment, Jenny and Ashley are both doing very well. Jenny will be home tomorrow, Ashley has a little longer till she can come back north. The kids and I have been well taken care of, I haven't had to cook one single dinner. Thanks to a super bunch of friends and family. So nice to live and work in a community that has your back.

Thanks for everything, Merry Marketing, God Bless.


February 6, 2024

If you were waiting on the cattle market to get better, it is. On a short run of cattle we saw young cows up to 143, heiferetts up to 180. Cows traded steady with last week 80 to 100. A small package of 560 lbs hfrs brought 290. Amazing time to be in the cattle biz. If your not marketing cattle at a live auction setting you are missing out. The excitement and optimism surrounding a sale is pretty great. No sale next week Feb 12, we will be back with two sales to finish off February, keep your eyes peeled for a feeder and bred cow special at one of those sales. We will start March off with the Clear Creek Angus Bull sale, no regular sale that day. Selling 70 black angus and Hereford bulls along with a select group of BWF replacement hfrs.

We are off to the MT state wrestling for the weekend, Grace and Emma will be competing for a spot on the podium along with there team mate Bailey. The Chinook Girls finished 4th as a team at the divisional tournament. All three in the Championships! Maybe we will see you hanging out at the Metra. Thanks for the business, merry marketing and God Bless.


January 10, 2024

Cow market was maybe a tick better than the last sale in 2023. 70 to 95 caught most the cows. Bulls up to 105.

Due to the cold we will not have a sale this coming Monday the 15th.

The famous Stout Feeder Special will be on Monday January 22. Consignments include grass type cattle and replacement hfrs. This has always been a great sale for the area. Some of the consignments have been coming for more than 20 years. Hope the day greets you with great things. Merry marketing and God Bless.


December 12, 2023

650 hd of cattle yesterday. Weigh cows were in limited numbers coming to the end of the year. 65 to 89 caught the cows. Bred cows sold well to a standing room only crowd. Topped the cows at 2900 on a set of coming 3's. 3 to 6 year olds 2100 to 2525. Very few solid mouth cows 1800 to 2200. Bred heifers 2050 to 2725. One package of 780 lbs hfrs 1885.

It was great to see the optimism at a bred cow sale. With record number of heifers on feed, lowest cow number in forever, there are good things coming. Thank you all for your support. It was great to see you all in the crowd. We will wrap up our year with the final sale for 2023 next Monday December 18. This will be the last sale in our region for the year. If you are needing a little Christmas cash get those cows to town and we will sell them for you. Merry marketing and God bless.


December 5, 2023

At the sale yesterday cows traded 68 to 88. The big price spread due to weigh conditions and the condition of the cows. Sold a nice package of 580 lbs strs they brought 245 the little bros brought 293 at 470. Yearling cattle took the biggest hit of the lower futures markets. 800 lbs open hfrs floated around 170. While still a great feeder market it is noticeably lower.
Many reasons for the decline in the feeder markets: Futures markets falling, Exports down, Imports up, On feed reports that show more cattle on feed. All of these negatives are effecting the attitude of the market. After all a market is contagious, while climbing everyone wants in, can't get enough. Its hard not to think about these things when it's all around us. Some positive things: Still great demand for Beef, the associations, we are all apart of, are coming together to support a common goal. There are some good things coming that need our attention and support. M Cool may be gaining some traction. So many things to be positive about. Stay in there. Good things are just around the corner if not already here.
"Cows for Christmas" bred special on Monday December 11, come down and do some Christmas shopping. Right next to 600 will sell. A consignment list is up on the Web at BearPawLive. Thanks for your Business. Merry Marketing. God Bless.


November 28, 2023

Cow market was steady yesterday. 70 to 85 caught most of the cows. Heiferetts 115 to 137 mostly 1000# plus heifers. Just a few more sale before the end of the year. Next week, Dec 4, will be a regular cattle sale. Then on Monday December 11 will be a regular sale along with our annual bred cow sale. Then the last sale of the year will be Dec 18 this will be a Feeder special along with a regular cattle sale.

The Bred Cow Line Up:

30 hd of true F1 cross BWF bred hfrs synched and AI'd for 4/1

50 hd of black angus bred hfrs synched and AI'd for 4/1

150 hd of black angus bred hfrs 3/20 front end of 300.

44 hd of black angus one raising NO BRAND bred 3 yr old.

50 hd of super nice 3 to 5 yr old cows bred for March 10

75 hd of 4 to 6 year old cows bred for March 20. All blk cows.

135 hd of smaller consignments of solid mouth and short term cows. Raised and developed by professional cattlemen and women who not only pay attention to genetics but to the function and "do ability" of their herds.

All cows will be preg checked and aged at the sale barn prior to sale. Cows will be sorted into like groups. Sale will be live and we will take your bids at the sale or over the net on LMA auctions. You can buy with confidence with a crew that has brought you cow sales for over 30 years. Thanks for your business, merry marketing and God Bless.


November 15, 2023

Good Morning, Nice sale Monday, cows were maybe a touch lower mostly 70 to 85. Young cows were mixed 95 to 140. Calves and yearlings were following the theme the last couple weeks, while still trading well, sold lower. 900 to 1000 lbs open heifers 178 to 188. 650 to 700 lbs str calves 225 to 241. Topped the light calves at 313 on some 4 weight strs. Next sale will be on Monday November 20, I expect 300 weigh ups. Sales every Monday through Dec 18.

Looking Ahead we have a bred cow special on Monday December 11. We are getting a super line up of heifers and cows for the sale with right around 400 on the list. Including gentics from up and down the hi line from ranchers who use bulls from Milk River Bull Test group, Clear Creek Angus, Bowles J5, Klingaman Red Angus, FBA, Bar 9 Ranch, MY Angus, Nissen Angus, Olson Charolais and many more. Ranch tested cows raised and cared for by professional cattle men and woman in the area.

Then on December 18 we are making some plans for a weaned calf special. This will be the Last sale of the Year. Wow, just over 30 days away. Merry marketing and God Bless.

Oh yeah, Go Cats, or is it, Go Griz!


November 7, 2023

Good Morning Montana! Another nice sale at Bear Paw Live yesterday. The cow market I would call mixed. Big, smooth, cows carrying some condition were steady 82 to 90. Your average and thin cows were lower, 68 to 80. Heiferetts and young cows were dollars better topped them out on 30 hd weighing 938 at 177! Most bringing 125 to 160 depending on quality and size. Calf market was steady, a dandy set of steer calves weighing 620 dollared out at $1550 per hd while the heifers were just shy of $1400. Light calves were mixed with the top end selling really well, while the odds and sorts were mixed. $200 to $300 caught most of the calves.

We are getting ready for our Anniversary sale on Monday. I have a few sets of calves consigned along with a couple loads of dry cows, this is going to be a good one. We have been part of the cattle industry for 34 years, starting back in 1989, I was 8. Truly a family business. I am blessed to be part of an Ag community and raising my kids where we are rooting for one another. If I don't see you at a sale hopefully we can catch up at a game, or maybe a wrestling tournament. Be sure to stop by the yards on Monday even if you won't have cattle in the sale. Lunch, coffee, good cattle and a few familiar faces will be there. Thank all of you for support and trust in us with your paychecks. Merry marketing and God Bless.


October 30, 2023

Short sale for us on Monday. Cow market was maybe 2 to 3 lower on all cows. We did sell one load of 550 lbs strs they brought 273. Many of the feeders scheduled for yesterday were moved to the November 6th sale. If you enjoy watching good cattle and visiting with your neighbor for an afternoon come down to a sale.

Our anniversary sale will be on Monday November 13. Independence Bank will come and provide a lunch, we will have a good time selling quality cattle. If you have a little time to stop in, Dexter and Karla will be coming on 34 years of owning and operating Bear Paw Livestock. If you don't have time for lunch the coffee is always on along with a batch of popcorn. Thank you all for your continued support. Merry Marketing, and God Bless.


October 25, 2023

With fall run in full swing we sold 700 hd on Monday. The bright side of the cattle complex was the cow market on Monday. Steady money on cows mostly 78 to 92. Heiferetts maybe a touch lower with the bigger groups having the most interest. Although the calf market Monday was noticeably lower, calves traded relatively well with the mid 5 weight strs still trading at 1360 to 1450 per hd. While their half sisters brought mostly 1150 to 1225 per hd. Light calves under 350 took the biggest hit of the day, but still trading right around 1000 per hd.

The calf market was effected by multiple negative things on Monday. First, a futures market that has been falling for a week with losses near or over 20 dollars on some months. And a feed report that was not favorable to higher or even steady markets. And last, the weather pattern that has moved into the area was not bringing out the local crowd. All in all we sold good cattle to a fairly active group of buyers. 5 different feeder buyers were in the seats along with 4 cow buyers. Thank you for all your business, merry marketing and God Bless.


October 18, 2023

700 hd on Monday, good markets, good cattle, better people. We had a great time marketing cattle from the area. On the cow side of the cow side of things market was steady. Young cows up to 147 mostly 115 to 130. Older end of cows 67 to 97. Calf side of things 550 lbs strs 276. 460 lbs strs 313. Odds and sorts were lower but still traded very well with 340 to 420 lbs hfrs still bringing 950 to 1050 per hd.
It looks like another good line up of cattle for Monday if the weather holds for us. Several split loads of calves on the books along with 5 loads of cows. We have been busy chasing cows and kids around but always have time to talk cattle with you. Thanks for all your business, merry marketing, and God Bless.


October 11, 2023

We are getting a nice line up of calves and yearlings for or feeder special on the the 16. Remember we still sell cattle by the lbs to the highest bidder. Price only goes up at auction and you get paid for all the weight brought to town. With cattle prices where it is important to also think about shrink and minimizing that when marketing livestock. I recently visited with a local who had hauled open hfrs to one of our sales and hauled the strs to one 175 miles away. He weighed all cattle before shipping and out of curiosity I asked hime what his results were. heifers hauled to BPL day of sale shrink close to 5% Steers hauled night before sale 175 mile shrink next to 10%. With calves and yearling over $2.00 and cows in the .80 the hidden cost of shrink can really eat into your bottom line. If you have cattle to market give us a call lets discuss marketing options. Thanks for your business, merry marketing and God Bless.


October 10, 2023

We had a nice run of cattle yesterday. The yearling market was down a touch yesterday, Most of the open hfrs brought from 215 to 224. Cows also saw a seasonal down trend with the biggest hit to old thin cows. Most cows 80 to 98. Bulls 92 to 112.

It sure has been a nice start to the fall, and we have had some nice sales with fantastic prices. Remember we take cattle in Saturday and Sunday starting at 12. Our sales don't start until

12:00 on Monday. We will take cattle all day on Monday but must be in at the yards at least 2 hrs before dark so the proper pre sale work can be done. A call to let us know if you will be late is appreciated.

We have some really nice groups of calves lining up for our feeder specials. Also the dry cows will start showing up in the comming weeks. A call in to let us know will allow us to call the right people to effectively market your livestock.

Thanks for your business and trust in us when choosing a marketing agency. Merry Marketing and God Bless.


September 12, 2023

We had a great sale yesterday. Thanks to all the consignors we ended up chasing 600 hd across the scale. The cattle market was crazy good on Monday. Cows were steady with 3 weeks ago. Mostly 90 to 105. Thin wet bagged cows were 65 to 85. Bulls were lower with the top bull bringing 117. Yearlings were on FIRE. A few highlights: 750 lbs strs $260. 945 lbs opens $219.  885 lbs strs $240. There were instances of quality and kind price differences second sorts and odd yearlings were lower than their counterparts. Thanks for your business. Merry Marketing. God Bless.


August 31, 2023

No Sale this coming Monday. We will back on September 11 with a yearling special along with our regular sale. Just over 300 on the list so far. This Friday is also the deadline for the NLVA final sale of the summer. If you haven't marketed your calves in an auction setting this would be the year to show case your livestock. The auction way where prices only go up.

We will have sales weekly through September, featuring yearling cattle. Thank you all for your business.


August 22, 2023

Nice little run of cattle on Monday. Cows were steady 95 to 105. Bulls steady 114 to 130. No sale for the next two Mondays. We will Be back with a yearling special on September 11. Early consignments total just over 250 head.

Yesterday was also the first day of Northern Live video auction. calf market seems steady to a touch higher in some cases. A short load of steer calves from the chinook area sold at 281.5 at 580 lbs. There will be one more video sale for the year in September.

If you have cattle to market give us a call we offer multiple ways of marketing cattle. Direct sales, Video Sales, and Live auctions.

We are always ready to talk cattle. Thanks for all you business, merry marketing and God Bless.

To all the kids out there have a great first day of school. Moms don't worry kids are going do to great. Wether it is your first or your 12th first day of school I know it hits you different then us Dads out there. You are doing great. Kids will be home soon.

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