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Wheat Field


- A Word from Travis -


September 12, 2023

We had a great sale yesterday. Thanks to all the consignors we ended up chasing 600 hd across the scale. The cattle market was crazy good on Monday. Cows were steady with 3 weeks ago. Mostly 90 to 105. Thin wet bagged cows were 65 to 85. Bulls were lower with the top bull bringing 117. Yearlings were on FIRE. A few highlights: 750 lbs strs $260. 945 lbs opens $219.  885 lbs strs $240. There were instances of quality and kind price differences second sorts and odd yearlings were lower than their counterparts. Thanks for your business. Merry Marketing. God Bless.


August 31, 2023

No Sale this coming Monday. We will back on September 11 with a yearling special along with our regular sale. Just over 300 on the list so far. This Friday is also the deadline for the NLVA final sale of the summer. If you haven't marketed your calves in an auction setting this would be the year to show case your livestock. The auction way where prices only go up.

We will have sales weekly through September, featuring yearling cattle. Thank you all for your business.


August 22, 2023

Nice little run of cattle on Monday. Cows were steady 95 to 105. Bulls steady 114 to 130. No sale for the next two Mondays. We will Be back with a yearling special on September 11. Early consignments total just over 250 head.

Yesterday was also the first day of Northern Live video auction. calf market seems steady to a touch higher in some cases. A short load of steer calves from the chinook area sold at 281.5 at 580 lbs. There will be one more video sale for the year in September.

If you have cattle to market give us a call we offer multiple ways of marketing cattle. Direct sales, Video Sales, and Live auctions.

We are always ready to talk cattle. Thanks for all you business, merry marketing and God Bless.

To all the kids out there have a great first day of school. Moms don't worry kids are going do to great. Wether it is your first or your 12th first day of school I know it hits you different then us Dads out there. You are doing great. Kids will be home soon.

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